All India Institute of Medical Sciences Bhopal
How to Register
Patient Can register yourself at AIIMS O.P.D Registration counter From Monday to Friday (08:00 - 11:00 AM)
-Take your Registration token.
- Go to Registration counter and Give your details to register.
- Details Required for O.P.D Registration are- Patient name, Age, Guardians Name, Adress, Contact No. (No need of identity proof )
- Registration is completely free for Appointment Or Consultion to Doctor Pay O.P.D fees Rs. 10 in case of consultation in more than Two or More Department it will charged sepratly for each Department . ( BPL Card holder Patient is free from above O.P.D fees )
- After Registrion recive your O.P.D letter which have the Details of Investigation Department , Consultant Name with Your 9 Digit PID (Patient ID) No. Which is permanent Account No. Of Patient.
- Keep your PID with you for nxt Appointment in future or Renewal and Follow up ( Your O.P.D Letter is valid for 10 Days from first consulation date But your PID is valid for Lifetime, After 10 Days you can Renew your O.P.D Letter on Registrion counter With Rs. 10
- Patient can register yourself online or on Phone . You must have to present in O.P.D for Registrtion
- For more details call to Our O.P.D enqirey No.
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